lunes, 12 de agosto de 2013

Suvadiva Resort (English)

My new world is now finished so I present it to you, I hope you like it:

Suvadiva Resort is a tourist complex located in the Maldives Islands. It has been designed to ensure the perfect holidays for your Sims, so you’ll find beaches, pools, diving lots, resorts, etc. It's ideal for relaxing and enjoying the water activities. Come now and enjoy your holidays in this Indian Ocean paradise!

The world doesn't have any roads, just paths. It has custom INI files and recolors. It's fully adapted to Island Paradise and doesn't require any other EP. The world is CC and Store Content Free. It has a Base Camp to use it with the Traveler mod. The world is unpopulated.

World size: 512x512 (small)
Number of Residential Lots: 14 (3 are empty)
Number of Community Lots: 18
Rabbitholes Included: IP Resorts, Bistro and Grocery. 
File Weight: 19,4 MB
Spawners: Only fishes and butterflies.
Empty lots' sizes: 15x20 (2), 20x20.


This video has been made by Iron Seagull as a part of his series Sims 3 World Showcase. I think it really shows the look of the world and its landmarks. I recommend to watch it :)



Download in English:   Dropbox // Exchange
Descargar en Español:  Dropbox // Intercambio

Downlaod a Populated version in Spanish by Javi: Javi's Corner

- If the staff of the resorts takes a lot of time to appear, edit the resort via Edit Town and hire staff. To do it do ctrl+shift in the food stands/pool bars, etc and also in the reception desk to manage manteinance crew. This is something I forgot to do, sorry.

- Simsample for this great thread: Sea, Sky and Light parameters.
- Weealbet for his Diving Lots videotutorial: Build Diving Lots in Other Worlds.
- Carl's Sims 3 Guide for his IP Resort Guide: Island Paradise Resort

I hope you enjoy this world and that you like it, if you have any problem or question just leave a comment here :)

23 comentarios:

  1. Oh Nilxis, it's gorgeous!! What a perfect vacation world.

  2. This looks so beautiful. I love your worlds. =) Thank you for sharing. Can't wait to get in game and check it out. =D

  3. This is very lovely thank you so much! I love your work

  4. Me encanta,sencillo y con mucho encanto ;) te felicito de nuevo por tu trabajo. Estoy a la espera de Barcelona :) Saludos desde Andorra

    1. Gracias, ya he hecho cosas nuevas en Barcelona, seguramente la semana que viene ya mostraré algo ;)

  5. that's best place with great view...
    Thanks for beautiful creation :D

  6. Love it!!

    If you plan on updating in the future, a couple of uncharted islands would be amazing!

  7. it's so pretty! downloading right now! <3

  8. This is amazing. Looks like a real island.. :)

  9. Thank you for this, a Island resort just for vacationing!!! Beautiful!!!

  10. Very pretty! I know this is 3 years later but can you translate to Italian? Thanks!

    1. Mmm nope, sorry :P I don't speak Italian, and you seem to speak English so, you'll do just fine I guess.

  11. Hello
    I've just downloaded the resort,but it doesn't show up as a vacation option.How do I get my sims to go there? I've never used a mod before, so I'm wondering if that's why

    1. Hi, the world is not a vacation world type, just a normal one. In order to use it as a vacation world you need to download the Traveler mod which is linked above.
      Here's a link on how to install mods and .package files:

  12. Hi I love this world - its so idyllic! But is it possible to make it populated in English? Thank you.

    1. Hi, thank you! I didn't populate it myself, it was Javi who did it, and I'm afraid I don't have any plans to prepare a new populated version of it.