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Ziwa Bonde (English)

After 3 months of work I present you my latest world, I hope you like it:

Ziwa Bonde is a wild and remote place in the heart of Africa. Explore its savanna, venture into the  jungle, find its hidden tresaures, climb the volcano, etc. Meet the two tribes that live in this world and visit their villages. This is the perfect destination for the most adventurous sims! All this and much more, in Ziwa Bonde.

World size: 2048x2048 (large)
Number of Residential Lots: 28
Number of Community Lots: 43
Rabbitholes/Community lots included: Town Hall, Hospital, School, Graveyard, etc. There are some community lots and rabbitholes missing due to that they didn't fit in the world's theme.
Number of households included: 17
File weight: 85 MB (unpopulated), 88 MB (populated)
Routing done: Yes
Spawners: Almost them all
Empty lots's sizes: 64x64, 40x40 (2), 15x15.

- World without roads, only paths
- Based in the past, so no modern technology
- Includes 2 Base Camps to play with the Traveler Mod.
- Includes recolors of objects like the roofs or some trees (Not CC)
- Includes custom INI files such as the sky and the water color.
- Includes custom wild horses with zebra shape and custom deer with gazelle or okapi shape.
- Includes custom NPCs.

I've used some CC in this world. They are .package files and are NOT included in the world file, you have to download the apart and put them in the Mods>Packages folder.(tutorial). You can download the world without CC, there won't install unwanted objects together with the world, but then the world will lose its playability, some of the CC is essential to play.(Rabbithole Rugs)
To make the installation of the CC easier, download this file that includes all the objects in a single .package file:

DOWNLOAD: CC_ZiwaBonde.package

Used CC:
-Rabbithole Rugs by Jynx and Equestrian Centre door by hexameter (Town Hall, Hopsital, School, Mausoleum, Grocery Store and  Military)
-2 fences by Luna: (luna_fencecañizo and luna_fencecañizo2)
-Medieval plumbing by The Merrye Makers: (D&M Medieval Shower and daluved1_YeOleChamberPotOnYeOleStool)
-Medieval Kitchen by The Merrye Makers: : (D&M Medieval Sink)

I have also used the following objects from the Store (Safari Set and Sunlit Tides), however they are not necessary to play the world:


There are two tribes in the world with different lifestyles each other. You can choose to play with one of them (or with both :P), with each tribe you'll live different and unique experiences :)

The world includes 17 households and also custom NPCs and wild animals. I have used LittleV and AniFlowersCreations' creations to make the wild animals. Three of the families have been made by MarLin114 y simrover. (thanks them very much!) Here's a little recap of what you will find in the world:

*I have used some recolored posters from Showtime. This EP is not necessary but if you have it better.



Deshabitado - Not available at the moment

- When you enter to the world for the first time you'll noctice a strange fog. Save the world, go to the Main Menu and enter again. Then the fog will not be there anymore anf there'll be fire instead (fog emitter)
- If your kids in the Mahiri village can't go to their village's school, read the solution here by riverowl71: Here
- The best seasons to play this world are summer and spring. The Festival Lot only works in summer.
- I recommend to play with the  cheat fadeobjects off when you visit the jungle area, that way you'll enjoy the landscape better ;)
- If you find any stuck sims or animals reset them. This will reduce lag. 

-All the users who have been helping and giving me support in the following forums: Create a World,  Capital Sims, TS3 CreatorsConsortium II and
LunaJynxHexameter and The Merrye Makers for the CC.
LittleV and AniFlowersCreations for the pets.
MarLin114 and simrover for helping me with the families.
- iceperson12 for gifting me the Safari Sat.
Eclipse for her tutorials about Populating worlds and Routing

I hope you like the world and thet you enjoy it a lot. Any question or problem you have you can ask me here :)

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  1. Simplemente PERFECTO!
    Gracias por esta maravilla.

    1. Gracias a ti por comentar, espero que lo disfrutes!

  2. How beautiful, and what a lot of work you and your collaborators put into this! I hope to play it soon!

  3. It looks gorgeous! I can't wait to play in it! Thank you!

  4. My horse couldn't cross the river. :( No bridges. How do you customize the wild horses? Did you edit them in game or is it possible to create a gene pool for them to spawn from?

    1. Did you put your household in one of the lots at the side of the river next to the volcano? If so, put it in the other side and there'll be no problems.

      To customize the wild horses you just have to create the horse in CAW, move it to a lot and then with Master Controller assign it the service option of Wild horse. Then you'll have wild horses ;)

  5. Ohhhh how I wish I could play on this!! This is magnificent! But, alas the only EP I have is Pets and no money to buy the other EPs at the moment. :(
    Anyhow, keep up the grand work! This one is truly mesmerising.

  6. OMG this is amazing. How creative and unique! Thank you for making something like this :D
    by the way I have a suggestion:
    You can make the rabbit holes have unique names that fit in with the theme of your village. Install Twallan's debugenabler:, click on the rabbit hole and then select nraas and then debugenabler and then options and then change name. You can type any name you'd like for the rabbit hole. The only one you can't rename is city hall. Thank you again for this amazing world :)

    1. Oh I see the names are changed to unique names in the regular live mode. In the town view when you put your mouse over the map tag they are still the stock names like school rabbit hole. You can change the names in the map tags in town view by doing the debugenabler name change while in town view. :)

    2. Thanks for the tip, it's certainly a great idea, but like Simsample says in this thread (, it works in Edit in Game but when the world is exported the name changes back to the original one. I'm glad you like the world though, thanks! :)

  7. This is so beautiful... And Only for that world i'll buy Sims 3 Pets... It's just Magnifique... My mind is blown out...

  8. Hi ! I've looked for an african world for such a long time, I'm so glad to have found one but the problem I have now it's that I can't install the sims3pack file. Do you have the .world file I could download ? Thanks

    1. I do :) I uploaded it some time ago for someone with similar problems, so here you are:
      I hope it works for you!

  9. Woo ! Your world is so beautiful.
    I found Ziwa Bonde yesterday (and immediately fell in love with). But I have one problem : The Jynx's cc link and also the Hexameter's cc link don't work ...
    Can you give me the right file or link that I might use?
    Thank you ♡

    1. Jynx's and Hexameter's CC are included in the file CC_ZiwaBonde.package, so you don't need to download them apart for the world. But if you want the files alone Margaret Pendragon uploaded them to her site:

      I hope you enjoy the world! :D

    2. how thank you veryy much !

  10. This world is fast becoming a favorite of mine. I have thoroughly played it for a while now and have added some things myself. I did note some lag/quick freezes and discovered this is fixable. If you look down on the village and look for any stuck horses or people, you can reset them, then fix the area so it doesn't happen again. Save your "fixed game". Attention to detail is awesome and people, homes, animals with this African theme is perfection. Congrats and thanks to all those that have made this world to share. Lindalu

    1. Thank you so much Lindalu for your comment :)
      I will add this info to the main post so other people can see it better, thanks for that!

  11. I can't download this amazing world :( It says the mediafire account has been suspended. Is there any other sourses to download from?

  12. I've got to say, this world looks amazing. Sadly, I can't download it and would love an alternate download link. The moment I can play this, I have feeling I will show my friends this page

    1. I've updated the links, so now you can download it. Enjoy! :D

  13. I freeze when trying to choose a household to play with. It shows the purple frame around my screen (with the magnifying glass) and then it just freezes. It's a pity because it's such a beautiful realistic looking world.

    1. How powerful is your PC? Do you play with the graphics set high? Does that happen with any other big populated world? Maybe it's something related with this.

    2. I play Isla Paradiso with all the graphics at their highest and this hasn't happened in any of my worlds.

      I'm not saying it's a problem on your side, by the way. :) A lot of people seem to run your world just fine.

  14. Thank you for this world! It's perfect for the future of my challenge :)

  15. This is my all-time favorite world, design-wise...too bad I can't play it for very long because of the large size (my computer cannot handle the graphics and repeatedly crashes). I wish this came in a smaller size (like, just one of the villages) so that I could play :(

  16. This is awesome. Love it. I played it with a couple of families. 1 family were missionaries. Another was a "rancher/poacher" and the 3rd was a land developer trying to modernize them. They occupied the 3 empty center lots across the lake to the north in between the two tribes.

    I would love to see an update with more lots in that particular area for storytelling with those families. And a bridge that horses can cross. My horse actually used a taxi boat to cross the river since it couldn't use the bridge.

    1. Hi, I'm happy you are enjoying Ziwa Bonde!
      I won't make any new updates though, but you can always add more lots yourself from the game :)

  17. Hello! I have been trying to play with this world for years but never had the computer to run it. I finally have a computer that plays, sunlit tides, new york city, barcelona, and many other large custom worlds perfectly. I also have all expansion packs excluding showtime and island adventures. So do you have any idea why my game crashes 5 minutes into playing? I have the rugs downloaded. There is no fog intro when i boot the world up for the first time, it goes straight to the map view. PLEASE HELP! :-( IT'S SOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!

    1. I meant all expansions except showtime and into the future!!!!!!!!!! Sorry!!!!!!!

    2. Hi Shanae,
      Looks like your computer should be able to run it, and since you have all the required expansions, you shouldn't have any problem. I don't really know why it isn't working for you. You can try to reinstall the world, but I'm not sure that will fix it.
      About the intro, I didn't put any myself but usually the game generates one, I don't really know how that works, but anyway that is just a minor detail.
      I'm sorry I can't really help, but I just don't know what could be wrong. Hopefully you can find the answer in some Sims forum where there are lots of people who know about this issues far better than me. Good luck!

  18. Thank you for replying but I managed to get it to run perfectly by lowering the draw distance in settings and slightly tweaking a few other graphics settings. One of my favorite worlds btw, beautiful job. I wish I could show pictures of my African wedding to prince Khari lol. Thank you!

  19. This world looks absolutely amazing! I want to install it and let my sims vacation there with the traveler mod. I noticed you said you put two camps for the traveler mod, so I have a question. Is there somewhere or someway, I could buy a horse in the town to get around while on vacation here? I'd hate to ruin the feel with a car or bicycle.

    Regardless, I'm downloading the world and hope to play in a regular save with it, but I do have one ongoing, long term save that I want to vacation here with. Thanks! And amazing job. It looks gorgeous! :)

    1. Hi, thank you for your nice comment :)
      The world includes the horse facilities from Pets so I think you can buy a horse in the Equestrian Centre, if you couldn't do that you can always use your sim's phone :)
      I hope you enjoy playing in Ziwa Bonde!

  20. How did you make those Pongam trees from Sunlit Tides show up in CAW?

    1. I didn't place them in CAW, I did it inside a lot (actually there's only one of these trees in the world). If you have Sunlit Tides installed you should be able to place them from CAW too :)