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Saaqartoq (English) (old version)

Today I bring you a new world ready to download. It's a small city inspired by Greenland's southwestern coast. I hope you like it:


Saaqartoq is a quiet town located at Greenland’s southwestern coast. It’s a fishing town surrouded by fjords, icebergs, tundra landscape and glaciers. It’s the perfect destination if you don’t mind the cold temperatures but you wanna enjoy a quiet life in one of the most untouched places in the world.

World Size: 2048x2048 (large)
Number of Residential Lots: 30
Number of Community Lots: 34
Rabbitholes: All them except the Diner and the Movie Studio
File Weight: 68,6 MB Unpopulated/ 70,2 MB Populated
Routing done: Yes
Spawners: All Base Game's

ALSO: I've edited some game objects. (for example the flagpole, the town hall, the distant terrain, etc.) These recolors ARE NOT CC!

There are 5 .package objects for CAW used in this world. This archives are not included in the world file, you need to download them apart and put them in the Mods>Packages folder. If you don’t want CC, don’t download these objects and they won’t appear. The world is revised with Sims 3 Pack Cleaner, the file is clean. These objects are decorative, if you don’t install them, the world’s playability won’t be affected. The objects used are these:

Northwstern Replica – by O-Decaff@CustomSims3

The world includes 13 families created by me and 3 families created by Clayworld, Buttonsginger and Lionpawsthanks to them for helping. If you want an unpopulated word, you can download the unpopulated version. To see detailed info about every family  CLICK HERE


This video has been made by Iron Seagull as a part of his series Sims 3 World Showcase. I think it really shows the look of the world and its landmarks. I recommend to watch it :)




-All the users who have been supporting me and giving ideas in these forums: Create a World,    
-Eclipse for her totorials: Populating Worlds, and Routing
-Clayworld, Buttonsginger and Lionpaws for helping me with the families.
-O-Decaff, Carlos y Moria for the used objects.
-GiLaNg for Twinbrook Objects for CAW (You don’t have to download apart)
-Simsample for the Hitching Posts for CAW (You don’t have to download apart)
-Miuki for the Benches for CAW (You don’t have to download apart)
-Emmies for the Bridgeport Textures(You don’t have to download apart )
-Martine for her snow texture from this Pack (You don’t have to download apart)
-Armiel for her Asphalt_Semi texture from this Pack (You don’t have to download apart)

You can use the world as a Vacation World thanks to the Traveler Mod, I have built two Base Camps in the world to be used as a Vacation World. You can download the world without Stuff Packs, the missing objects will be replaced. If you have any problem, you can tell me here. I hope you like and enjoy it as I did while creating this world ;)

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  1. Yesterday, I downloaded and played this world for a few hours, making several saves in the process. When I tried to continue today none of the saves appeared in the Main menu though they appear, looking normal, in the Saves folder. I started a new game, played for some minutes and saved - same result.
    I also started a new game in Sunset Valley and saved: the save appeared normally. I continued an older game in Monte Vista and saved after a while - once more everything as it should be, so the problem must be connected specifically with Saaqartoq- I also played two of your other worlds (Plavi raj and Emporda) without such problem.
    Saaqartoq is a very well made world and it's a pity that this problem renders it practically unplayable. I hope you will be able to solve it.
    - Pico 22

    1. That's strange, many people have played this world without problems. To be honest I don't know what is this happening and how to fix it :( Maybe you'll find more help somewhere. I hope you can find a solution for this problem, If you do please tell me :)

    2. It took me a long time to find a solution, obviously, but here it is. I ran into the same problem with IP and looked around once more. Finally I found out that all I had to do is to remove all of my saves (backup them outside the game) except the "invisible" ones which then immediately became "visible". It must be a memory problem but the strange thing is that I have downloaded and played quite a few worlds in the meanwhile and never had any problems of this kind. Anyway, I am glad I got Saaqartoq back because I really like it.
      -Pico 22

    3. I'm glad you fixed it, thanks for telling me :) If anyone else has this problem I'll be able to help. Now enjoy it!

  2. Hi, customsims3.com is down and I can't download the decorative cc anymore. Do you have any links to them not on that site?

    1. The Sailboat can still be downloaded on Modthesims: http://modthesims.info/t/460327
      However I haven't found any other site to download the Northwestern Replica, and I don't have it in my files :/