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Empordà (English)

Finally, this is the last of my updated versions of world: Empordà. It includes content from the Expansions that were released after the world was finished, some new lots and some changes in already existent ones. Unlike Saaqartoq and Plavi Raj, there aren't really big changes in general, since I finished Empordà way after the other two. However, one of the changes is very important: I've adapted the whole area of Empuriabrava for IP, now the canals are fully navigable and many of the houses include private docks with boats. Here are the world details.


Empordà is a world based on the Alt Empordà region in Catalonia. It's a very big and complete world, with unique and diverse areas. You can visit the countryside, numerous beaches, a mountain area, historic sites, etc. All your sim needs is here, in Empordà.

World Size: 2048x2048 (grande)
Number of Residential Lots: 53
Number of Community Lots: 72
Rabbitholes Included: All them except ITF's lots, some LN and Showtime Clubs and the Movie Studio.
Number of families included: 23
File Weight: 157 MB (Unpopulated) / 159 MB (Populated)
Routing checked: Yes
Spawners: All the Base Game ones
Empty Lots' sizes: 64x64 (2), 30x20 (3), 30x30. 

PLUS: The world includes recolors and custom lightning files. 

The world doesn't include but uses some .package files. This means no undesired CC will be installed if you don't download it. (The world file is checked with Sims 3 Pack Cleaner). To get the CC to show up, you have to download the files apart. Download this .rar file which includes all the needed CC. You can installed it all together by just installing the CCmerged_Empordà file, or install the different files separately:

AVISO: The used objects are essential for the world's playability and its correct performance, I also recommend to install them in order to play in the world as you see it in the picture below. 

Used CC:
-All RH rugs by Jynx and the Equestrian Centre door by hexameter: http://nraas.wikispaces.com/Other+Mods+FAQ 
( ↑ Press ctrl+f and search "Jynx" to find it faster)
-Olive tree by aaronrogers8i3 (last post link): http://forum.thesims3.com/jforum/posts/list/15/558846.page 
-A rose window by Luna made specifically for this world (thank you so much!).
-Riverwall Edit Recolor, by Gelina, Sandy and Fagersims: http://fagersims.tumblr.com/post/...river-wall

*I've used a few objects from Lucky Palms



*I've practically only used the objects from the last 2 expansions in the picture in the new lots in this updated version. I recommend to have all the EPs, but missing any of the latest 2 will not be a problem.
Download in English (Populated):  OneDrive
Download in English (Unpopulated):  OneDrive
Descargar en Español (Habitado):  OneDrive
Descargar en Español (Deshabitado):  OneDrive

  • All the simmers who have supported me and given me ideas during the world's creation and update.
  • Luna, Monsoon, Jynx, Hexameter, Simsample, Leroy157, aaronrogers8i3, Gelina, Sandy and Fagerisms  for the CC. 
  • Ksenyailova, Usiti, Cabarrofi, DavidAldèbaran, Aang741, Eclipse, Volvenom, Auntielynds, Rheassi, LMFAO, Tizerist, Wendylady, Daisylee, Dutchysim, Remmo, Turistas9 and Monracool123 for helping me testing the world.
  • David Aldèbaran, Madlice, Alyssa00 and Viri for helping me with the families.
  • Eclipse for her tutorials about Populating worlds and Routing
  • Simsample and Atavera for the SuperCAW Tutorial
  • Zaide_Chris for the Water Planes Tutorial
You can use the world as a Vacation World thanks to the Traveler Mod, I have built a Base Camp in the world for this purpose. It also includes an IP Resort. You can download the world without Stuff Packs, the missing objects will be replaced.
If you have any problem, you can tell me here. I hope you like and enjoy it as I did while creating this world ;)

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  1. I LOVE ALL OF YOUR WORLDS!!! So I hope you don't mind that I mention something. I'm noticing so many unroutable sims. I don't understand why. Using "resetsim" does not help. And also, NRAAS "resetlot" does not help either. Do you have any suggestions?

    I have a feeling it is because there are so many apartments. Most of the Sims I see that are unroutable live in apartments :(

    1. Hi, I'm sorry you're having problems with this :/ Maybe I forgot to mark some of the rooms in the apartment lots as hidden room, or perhaps there's an object blocking the sims' way. I made sure to test it and other people helped me, but it's possible that we missed something. If the problem persists, you can try maybe to unpopulate some of the apartments and move more sims to single houses.

      I'm glad you like my worlds though, and I hope you're looking forward to my next project which I'll reveal soon :)

    2. Thank you for responding :)

      I've had a few nights to spend playing Emporda and I've found a couple of issues with routing in general.

      1) SCIENCE CENTER: I tried to have a Sim go to the Science Rabbit Hole (that is what it is called in game, no special name). My Sim was not able to route there from his home (Casa Dali). I'm not sure if it is because of that narrow bridge that separates that lot from the main part of the town but he was not able to use the bridge without me manually clicking on it to choose "Go Here". Also, there was another Sim near that bridge that was just standing there at the bottom of that bridge. I could see her thought bubble over her head shows the un-routable symbol.

      Once my Sim finally went to get a job there, I tried to have him go home and once again, he could not route home. I then had him route to a street across from the Science center in the nearby neighborhood and then have him go home from there (standing on the sidewalk). He still could not route home.

      2) RESIDENTIAL LOTS: The problems with playable Sims getting stuck I can fix by making sure the doors actually work. Doors look like they were placed with the "moveobjects" cheat on and stairs that are too close for the doors/stairs to work.

      Most of the homes are built too close to the street. There is no room near the mailboxes and front doors for Sims to be reset so the game keeps forcing them but they don't have room to move. Major cause for lag in this world.

      3) APARTMENT LOTS: Apartments have been buggy for a while now (a couple of patches ago, can't remember which patch). I can see Townie Sims that are Mixologists and Proprietors that are stuck, but they are just standing on the sidewalk with nothing blocking there way.

      The only "simple" fix is to remove all apartment features and turn the lot back to residential (delete all doors and place them new, delete apartment mailbox and a residential one will spawn on its own, remove the Public/Hidden room markers) and delete the Townie Sim that is getting stuck since they will never realize they don't live there anymore.

      4) I had a different Sim route to the Festival lot with the soccer net. Other Sims showed up there and as soon as they did, all of them except my playable Sim and the person she was talking to did the route failure animation with their hand on their hip and tapping their foot. Then I got messages of Unroutable Sims.

      5) The family called Ripoll gets stuck because there is a one tile space all around their home but there are fences that stop them from routing. Also there is a large building object that I couldn't remove; I think they can walk through it but I'm not sure. I tried fixing their lot several times.

      And just as an FYI, here are my computer specs:

      AMD Black Edition FX-8320 3.5 GHz 8-Core Processor
      32GB Ram
      Nvidia GTX 960 Graphics Card, 4GB Memory
      Windows 8.1

      Again, this is just for your information since the world is already released and also for other people who may experience these problems.

    3. Thanks for listing these issues, as you've said, the world is already released and I've moved on, but I'll try to keep that in mind so I don't repeat the same mistakes in the new world I'm making :)

  2. Heeey, I've downloaded some of your worlds and I really love it. Like, really, you're the best. I kinda want to download this one too because it looks REALLY AMAZING. But sadly, the links for RH rugs and equestrian door seem dead :( can you fix it? I'm really looking forward for your reply. Thanks a lot. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment, I'm glad you like it!
      Custom Sims's website was taken down, but I've found the rugs and the equestrian door at NRaas, so the links are now fixed! Thanks for telling me :)

  3. Hello Nilxis, I love all of your worlds and this one is my favorite. I downloaded it recently but I discovered that the distant terrain wasn't showing up in game. Do you know why this is or how I could fix it? Thank you!

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  5. Hi, the download links for this and Plavi Raj seem to be down.. Are there any alternatives? :/ Wonderful work btw!